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Before the objective of achieved treatment we place as basic beginning the precaution of health of our patients. The difficulty in the achievement of this objective is very big, because of the possibility that has enough microbes of polluting most surfaces in dental area. Unique solution for the reject of polluting  patients or even ours constitutes the sterilisation of dental tools, the disinfection of surfaces and the disposal of materials and tools disposable. autoclave. Enormous accentis given  so much in the cleanness and the hygiene what in the right sterilisation of tools, instruments and surfaces so that does not exist the least possibility of danger from contagious illnesses. 

autoclaveCircle of sterilisation

  1. The tools afterwards the use enter in bath with sterilisation  liquid
  2. An the end of day they are washed
  3. Then they are placed in specifically sterilisation bags,where they are closed airtightly
  4. Finally they enter in kiln of sterilisation

Afterwards the sterilisation they are maintained in sterilisation bags in order to they are protected even from the common dust, and are opened in front of the patient. Each patient has completely sterilised set of tools, closed airtightly. 

Dental Unit

XOKeeping always in mind the patient's hygiene and comfort, as well as sterilization and ergonomics the top dental units on the market have been choosen. In our dental chairs the patients feel comfortable, while the doctors perform all kinds of dental treatment with great comfort, ergonomics and having everything where they need them to be. 


With the dental units of XO ergonomics and workflow have been increased, since top quality dental care can be performed easier. The professional design of the seats are pleasing to the patient, as the angle of cutting instruments is such, in which the patient can not see or come in contact with them.

The machines are equipped with the most advanced digital technology, with digital screens for display of digital intraoral x-rays, panoramic x-rays,

During treatment, the digital screens display entertaining programs, movies, documentaries


Digital Radiography System

rvg5100It is well-known that intra oral dental x-rays are very important for the correct diagnosis and for revealing many significant dental issues. At our dental clinic we use digital radiography x-ray, which has many benefits in cooperation with the normal film. The RVG digital sensor is connected with a pc , and the image acquisition it only takes just 1 second. 

The most important advantage of digital radiography is that we use less  (up to 60% less that we use with traditional film) and we get advanced of all the benefits of  digital imaging , such as editing, enlarging, play with the contrast and brightness, make measurements and more.

The image quality is the greatest in the market and in co-operation with the powerful dental imaging software , we can in few minutes to extrude the correct diagnosis for the teeth.

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